My Aim in Future.

Alfred Tennyson, the Poet Laureate of England, speaks high of the greater significance of passion for knowledge in his immortal poem ‘Ulysses’:

Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!
As though to breathe were life!

To be a successful human being, one needs to have knowledge of the world. Knowledge providers are none other than teachers, who are like lamps to the ignorant in darkness. My aim in future is to become a lecturer.

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” An aimless life is a miserable life. In an aimless life, a person starts the journey but does not know about the direction and the destiny. So, it is necessary to have an aim in life. I have chosen to become a lecturer because I am inspired by Dr.T.Gangadaran, whom I consider to be the best legend, professor, guide and a caretaker in the world. as a student of English literature. I am motivated by him, who gave me a lot of encouragement. His inspiration helps me to aim higher and higher.

As far as I am concerned, I think this profession is full of challenges but it is a profession that gives a great satisfaction. This profession is about changing attitudes and molding the students. I think that nothing calms me more than spending my time with students, being a part of their lives, watching them and quenching their thirst of knowledge. I would get an opportunity to develop the minds and character, the attitude of students. I am determined and confident that in becoming a future English teacher, I will be able to create strong aptitude for learning and passion for learning. As I am inspired by my teacher, I hope that I would be able to create good citizens of the country by inculcating spirit of learning and passion for knowledge.

A teacher has a direct opportunity to create the difference and to change the future. I have been told that I am an idealist and known for smart work. However, I don’t have pride in myself. So I am confident that I will be able to guide my students on a right path to gain knowledge.
A lecturer can turn many average and even dull students to succeed in life.

As a lecturer, I will set high goals and do my best to show each and every student that these goals are within their reach. As an excellent teacher I am not someone who explains and demonstrates, but someone who inspires. For me, it will be a chance to inspire the students , as I have derived my inspiration. I hope that I would be able to instill confidence, discipline, motivation and above all, humanism.

“Teaching is the noble profession, which serves not just one generation. But it serves many generations to come.” Good teachers are remembered for their love of the subject, being a role model, being a positive coach, countless hours of invisible effort, a belief in lifelong learning, having an open mind, and dedication to make a change. Teaching would be a good choice for me because I love to be with students. As a teacher, I must create a warm and protective environment. But at the same time being a professional, it is my goal to combine my range, ability to be an enthusiastic educator.

Teaching is not a field of making money, but it is about the joy and happiness that I get when I see my students doing things that I taught. It gives me immense happiness, when I see my students doing well and rising in life. Since childhood, I have been striving to achieve great things in life. My meaningful ambition is teaching, which is a noble profession. The job of a lecturer is not only giving knowledge but creating passion for creativity.

I strongly I believe that lecturers need to show respect and care. They would serve as role models, guiding students about right and wrong, and instructing them politely and helping them on the road to success. So I have decided to become a lecturer because it is a noble profession. I hope to produce many good citizens in our society. I am satisfied with my aim in life and I will take efforts to achieve my goal. Emerson says, “Hitch your wagon to the star.” So my aim in future is to create good citizens of the society by becoming a lecturer. It is the greater and nobler aim, as compared with other professions in the world.



Who am I?

Hello everyone.
I am Angeline Mano Matthews currently pursuing 3rd year B.A. English literature in a well prestigious institution Government Arts College Salem 7.
Is it my style? Is it my long flowing hair? Is it my flawless complexion? No. Those external qualities definitely capture an eye, but it’s something else that captivates a heart. I am quietly confident and has a way of listening and engaging with people that disarms and makes them to feel important.

My Attitude:

I am not known for laziness; I work diligently. Even when the job seems less than ideal, I work with a cheerful heart and gratitude for the ability to work. This way, my happiness is not contingent on circumstances alone.

I care for myself by getting enough rest, nutritious foods, exercise, time in prayer and journaling. This enables me stay filled up so I can effectively care for others and pursue my dreams

I listen with tenderness and compassion when someone shares. I look for ways to help someone and does it. I treat everyone with the same love and respect, regardless of their social class. I spend a little, gives a little and saves a little. I bless others because I have been blessed.

I have a deep interest in birding and my passion is photography. My love for photography budded when I accidentally photographed sunset between a tree then I was travelling in a bus. This created a great impact on me and gave a confident in me that I can discover the beauty in the creation of God ,which is so magnificient.

And my inspiration was my first photograph.


As I became increasingly fascinated with photography, a burning passion became to increase inside of me. The need to take photographs was captivating; not only was it for a grade, but an escape I used to drown my feelings. Photography was now becoming a way of expressing myself.
A transformation that began as a passion and turned into an obsession. Everywhere I saw I could see all the plain and ordinary things or objects of everyday life, but suddenly they became a whole new world; a spellbinding sensation that would make me fathom the double meaning of life. For example, hands are not much of importance to a person with no artistic view, but a photographer may view hands as aging, a sign of unity, caring, loving, or cry for help.
Photography is my passion and I love the art of photography.
I can make an ordinary things into an extraordinary things.
I believe that we photographers capture not simply with our eyes but with our mind and heart.

Why Do I like Birding?

In photography I was able to capture the birds such as house crow , Yellow Billed Babler, white throated Kingfisher. And one day, I accidentally captured a Bird which was little colourful and I wasn’t able to find out the birds name. I sent the picture to one of my college senior and he told me that it is a coppersmith barbet and he give an introduction about birding and bird watching. And he became my inspiration in birding. Then I started to watch Birds , identify their names and calls, their behaviour etc.
Liking to birding:
I get a pleasure and happiness in bird watching. I am able to get rid of my own thoughts and to step into site of nature in which the BIRDS are the beautiful creation of God. There is some delightful thing that I forget myself and deeply, immensely in love with Birds.
This is how I am travelling in the path of birding.